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 Frederick: 301-271-7808
Sykesville: 443-280-6126
Q: How often should I seal coat my driveway?
A: We usually recommend 3‐4 months at the earliest and up to one year depending on its use and the time of year of the installation. Generally asphalt is seal coated every 2 years.
Q: Do I need to be at the worksite when the work is done?
A: Yes, we generally like to make sure our customers are present start to finish so that you get exactly what you want. After all, you are making an investment in your property and we want to see that you are made
completely satisfied!
Q: How do I do a basic cleaning of my pavers?
A: The best way to clean pavers is to use hot, soapy water and a stiff bristle scrub brush. We recommend that you use a liquid, acid‐free soap. After scrubbing, wash the dirt and debris off with clean water. If you use a hose, again be careful to not loosen or spray away your joint sand. Pressure washers are not recommended.
Q: Can you do any other types of specialty masonry?
A: Yes, our tradesmen are fully train masonry professionals. We specialize in matching almost any material and seamlessly installing it so that the repair is undetectable in most cases.
Q: When should I run my pool system – and how long?
A: It must be run once a day in order to properly circulate and filter all the water in a 24 hour period. We recommend you run your system between 9PM and 7AM. In the summer months, we recommend running your pool 8‐10 hours depending on the size, and in the winter months, we recommend 6‐8 hours.
Q: Can hardscaping be done in the winter?
A: YES. Winter weather slows things down a bit but as long as we can excavate we can build.
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